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Terms & conditions

Last modified: August 29, 2017


The “Product” refers to plugin being purchased.

The “Provider” refers to company “Branch Up Pty Ltd”.

The “Customer” refers to the person or entity purchasing the product.

The “Services” refers to the services provided by the Provider to the Customer.


A purchased product license is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

A valid license is required to avail its associated services.

If you do not renew the license, you will still be able to use the product, but you will no longer have access to the services associated with the expired license, such as support or upgrades.

Licenses can be renewed for 75% of the effective price at the date of the renewal.

A license can only be renewed between 30 days before and after its expiry. 30 days after a license expiry date it can no longer be renewed, a new license must be purchased.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

The Provider reserves the right to cancel a license without notice when the terms of the license are not respected. The Provider also reserves the right to refuse to renew a license.

The code of the Product is licensed under the GPL license.

License options

Upon purchase, the license may include the following options:

  • An additional number of websites to use the Product on;
  • A support service as described in this document;
  • An upgrade service as described in this document.

If not otherwise specified, the license does not include any of the above options.

The options included in the license are set at the time of the purchase of the Product, typically through the purchase of a package, or plan.

Scope of use

The usage of the Product will be permitted at the URL provided by the Customer at the time of purchase. The URL must be the one at which users access the Product.

The Customer must advise the Provider when such URL changes.

When the license includes the option for additional websites, the URL of each additional website will have to be provided upon purchase. If not all URLs are known upon purchase, the Customer agrees to advise the Provider when the Product is used at an additional URL.

Copyrighted content

The “Copyrighted content” refers to visual material not bound to the GPL license.

The Copyrighted content can only be used within the Product itself and within the scope defined by the license. An exception is made when such content is used in relation with user documentation, press releases or promotional material directly related to the Product.

An expired license does not revoke the right to use the Copyrighted content.

Distributing, re-selling, or making derivatives of the Copyrighted content, commercially or non-commercially, is stricly prohibited.

Support services

Support services are available as a license option, and must specifically be included.

The support service is done by email, and will be responded to in a reasonable time.

The support service covers the correction of bugs of the Product. Only when such bugs are not caused by another product. Corrections, or solutions, will be provided to the Customer in a reasonable time. The support service does not apply to requests for new features, or changes in the Product.

The support service only applies to versions of the Product released within the last 12 months. A support service resolution may be to upgrade to a more recent version of the Product.

The support service will not, in any circumstance, make the Provider liable or responsible for any damage, data loss, or other any losses that may have occurred through the use, instalation or deployment of the Product.

The support service will not affect the liability, warranty or responsibility terms covered in the GPL license.

The support service does not apply if the Product was misused, or modified in any way.

Upgrade services

Upgrade services are available as a license option, and must specifically be included.

The upgrade service grants the right to the Customer to get newer versions of the Product.

Refund policy

Refunds are not available. It is the Customer's reponsability to confirm that the Product is compatible with their environment, and that they have the rights to install it. It is advised that the Customer checks with their hosting provider.

Exceptionnally, we will accept refunds when the Product cannot work due to an error within the Product itself, and a solution could not be found.

A request for refund must be made within 14 days of the purchase.

Terms of this license

The terms of this license may change at any time without notice.