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XP 3.16 and XP+ 1.16: A Huge Leap Forward

Swiftly following the 10-year anniversary of Level Up XP, we continue to innovate with our latest update: XP 3.16 and XP+ 1.16. We have some exciting changes planned, and in this release, we're laying the groundwork for future refinements. Let's delve into the enhancements we've made.

Revolutionise the Rules: The Journey Begins

While we have always been proud of the flexibility offered by our rules system, we understand that there have been moments where it may have come across as a bit complex. We listened to your feedback and decided to revisit the whole system.

In this release, we're laying the foundations for a comprehensive revision of our rules scheme that'll make it more straightforward and accessible. This truly is a giant leap forward.

In an effort to give you a taste of what's coming, Level Up XP+ now introduces a more streamlined screen for managing the rules pertaining to activity, section and course completion. This new approach hints at the future direction we're set for general rule management.

Completion rules screen
An example of awarding points for completing activities.

A Single Click to Reset Levels: Admins, Rejoice!

We get it. Managing levels for each course can sometimes be tedious. With our latest release, we're aiming to ease that load. Admins, you can now reset the levels and their appearances for all courses with a mere click. This new feature is designed for convenience and can save you a lot of time.

Embracing the Future: Compatibility with Moodle 4.4

As Moodle moves forward, so do we. To assist you in capturing the full potential of their latest release, Level Up XP is now entirely compatible with Moodle 4.4, and the minimum requirement has been adjusted to Moodle 3.11.

Ready, Set, Update!

Grab the latest version of Level Up XP from moodle.org and jump into a world of new possibilities. For those who wish to explore all the in-depth details about this update, head over to our release notes.

The journey of Level Up XP over the past decade has been incredible, and this release sets the stage for an even more exciting future. As always, thank you for being part of our adventure. Here's to the next level!

Frédéric Massart
Level Up Team
23 Apr 2024

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