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XP 3.15 and XP+ 1.15 Are Packing Some Serious Punch!

We bring you exciting news that is sure the improve the role that gamification places in your programs! We are thrilled to announce the release of XP 3.15 and XP+ 1.15, both packed with fantastic features!

Level in navigation bar

The level of the learner can now be displayed on all the pages next to their profile picture in the navigation bar. This feature is great to fully immerse learners in the gamification experience and to encourage them to level up.

Level displayed in the navbar
Zoomed-in snapshot of the level displayed in the top navigation bar.

Animated level up notification

The level up notification has been redesigned to include an animation that transitions the user to the new level. This feature is a great way to celebrate the learner's achievement and to encourage them to keep going.

Custom notification message

You may have noticed in the above screenshot that the level up notification includes a message. This is a new feature included in XP+ 1.15. You can now customise the content of the level up notification popup by including a different message for each level. This is a great way to reinforce learners' engagement and motivation!

Award badge on level up

You can now award a Moodle badge when a learner reaches a particular level. Yet another great way to reward learners for their achievements and to encourage them to keep going. This feature is part of XP+ 1.15.

Level customisation redesigned

We completely redesigned the page to customise the levels. The new design is more intuitive and easier to use. We also included a handy widget to help you quickly assign points to the levels as per your preference.

Point calculation widget
The widget to quickly assign points to the levels.

Admins can earn points

Previously administrators were always forbidden from earning points, otherwise they would appear in all courses and leaderboards. However, there are legitimate cases where administrators should be able to participate. With this version, a setting lets administrators earn points like everybody else.

Points shortcode improved

There are a number of shortcodes that educators can use to inject content in their learning material. One of which is the shortcode "xppoints" which displayed a certain number of points. The latter was useful, for instance, to promote how many points could be earned for certain actions. With this release, the "xppoints" shortcode can also display the number of points of the current user.

External API to award points

Integrate with external services and award points for a variety of actions happening outside the LMS. With XP+ 1.15 (Multi), you can easily award points via the API exposed by Moodle web services.

Final note

This is just an overview of the major improvements included in this release. For a full list of changes, we invite you to read the release notes. We hope that these new features will further improve the learning and teaching experience of both learners and instructors.

Frédéric Massart
Level Up Team
08 Oct 2023

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