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Introducing Quest: The Next Revolution in Corporate Learning

Guide your learners through content easily, engage and support them in reaching their educational goals. Make corporate trainings feel like a game that people scramble to play – all this is now just one click away!

We are excited to launch Level Up Quest, our newest gamification solution that revolutionises how we teach and learn online.

Quest, the latest addition to the Level Up family, is a powerful plugin that uses gamification to boost learning outcomes, completion rates, and staff satisfaction.

Quest goes beyond Level Up XP’s levels, points, and leaderboards and incorporates storytelling and a powerful system to guide and support learners. It brings a whole new level of sophistication to your gamified online learning environment.

Let’s take a look at how Quest revolutionises your online trainings!

Objectives Guide Learners Through Their Program

Quest allows instructors to set clear objectives and goals, which guides learners and boosts motivation.

Do you want to focus on creating a collaborative atmosphere? Encourage learners to go through the material quickly? You have full control by selecting and creating objectives that work towards your instructional goals.

What Objectives Are Available in Quest?

Learning is more than just working through different materials and Quest reflects that. Design a comprehensive and diverse learning experience by setting a variety of objectives.

Objectives allow you to:

Encourage engagement with the material and reinforce difficult concepts.

Set objectives such as “download the course glossary”, “complete this quiz”, and “watch at least three videos on a particular concept” to help learners navigate the material and make progress. Use objectives to support learners where they need it most. If you know that your learners struggle with a particular concept, turn accessing additional material into an objective and tie it to a reward.

Build positive habits.

Objectives such as “log in at least twice a week” or “complete at least one course per week” build constructive habits and encourage learners to engage with the content regularly.

Create a community.

By including objectives like “post a question in the forum on this week’s topic”, “send at least one message to a colleague”, or “complete your profile section”, you encourage learners to interact with each other and create a positive and collaborative online learning environment.

Boost course completion.

Objectives tied to completion rates such as “complete the introduction section of this course” or “complete at least 50% of this class by May” provide learners with clear and achievable goals and increase completion rates.

How Do Learners Encounter Objectives Within the Material?

Quest uses three different features to assign and manage objectives: quests, achievements, and challenges.


Quests present objectives within short storylines designed to increase motivation and learning outcomes. They create a compelling narrative that guides learners through the training and transform dry or difficult material into achievable mini-lessons.

Within a quest, a narrator will assign objectives to your learners.

You can reward learners with points, messages or even additional learning material for completing a quest and achieving the objectives.

For example, the first quest in the course can be to head to the forum and introduce yourself. Instructors can create a storyline for this quest (“pick a hero persona and introduce yourself to your fellow heroes”), track whether a forum post has been made, and reward each poster with a badge or experience points.

Instructors can decide to make quests voluntary or even hide them to be discovered by learners. This way, you build a personalised and surprising learning experience that is tailored to your participants and keeps them on their toes. No more boring one-size-fits-all solutions.


Achievements consist of a single objective, typically a more important or long-term goal such as watching ten videos, completing an important quiz, or supporting three other students by replying to their forum questions. They are a great way to motivate learners at each stage of their journey, whether it is congratulating them for completing their first assignment or welcoming them back after a long break.

When progressing through the material, learners unlock achievements and thereby create a display of their progress.

Instructors can decide to sprinkle achievements throughout their course to motivate and celebrate their learners.


Challenges, like quests, present learners with a set of objectives. However, they do not involve a narrative and are not connected to a storyline. They are designed to be limited in time and can either be periodically recurring or one-off.

Challenges are a great way to increase engagement levels as they provide unexpected and time-sensitive learning opportunities. Challenge your learners to complete a quiz per week, reply to a forum post each month, or upload one essay bi-weekly. The opportunities are endless.

Rewards Made Easy

After completing a quest or challenge, learners will encounter rewards. Rewards can be simple congratulatory messages or more sophisticated such as access to additional material or earning points.

Quest uses different features to make rewarding learners easy and effective.

Create a cohesive learning path and reward learners by unlocking access to activities or sections, enrolling learners into additional courses, or assigning more quests as they progress.

You can also add or remove learners from groups to tailor the course to their level and achievements. If learners feel that the material adapts to their progress, they will have a more rewarding course experience.

Motivate learners by speaking directly to them through emails, private messages, or notifications. A simple “you are doing great” can help participants feel appreciated. Quest enables you to add communication opportunities throughout the material.

Quest uses gamification tools such as badges to reward participants, and rewards earned in other plugins, such as points in Level Up XP, easily integrate into Quest. External systems can also be connected with Quest for endless possibilities.

Of course, you don’t have to reward learners after each completed objective. Completed quests and challenges can trigger actions such as unlocking new material without notifying the user.

These are only a few of Quest’s features. We also offer data insights and tracking, robust privacy options, and context-sensitive objectives, etc.

Add Quest To Your Learning Environment

Quest is a Moodle plugin that seamlessly integrates with the platform.

Quest does its magic on its own but you can really elevate your game by combining it with Level Up XP – the most popular gamification plugin on Moodle.

Quest and Level Up XP are a match made in heaven. While Quest brings storylines and sophisticated objectives to your programs, XP provides tired-and-tested gamification features such as leaderboards, points, and additional reward options. Together, they add the power of gamification to your learning environment like never seen before.

Quest comes in three packages, each including specific features to gamify your programmes.

Unlike most offerings, Quest's price is fixed and does not scale up with the number of users. With Quest, you can support as many learners as you like.

Take a look at our packages and pricing here.

We’ve been quietly building away at Quest for many years and are so excited that it now gets to see the light – and we are not at the end of our quest to bring you effective gamification solutions for your online courses. Each new release of Quest will offer new features and opportunities.

With seamless integration, an intuitive-to-use interface, and proven gamification techniques, Quest is the easiest way to add sophisticated gamification and storytelling to your online trainings.

Get Quest here!

Frédéric Massart
Level Up Team
06 Apr 2023

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