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Gamification for Impactful Corporate Trainings

Level Up provides everything you need to deliver effective and compelling online trainings.

Make organisational learning a success, boost employee development, and move your business forward.

Why gamification?


Keep learners motivated and committed by adding game-inspired elements to materials.


Increase participation and social interactions through targeted interventions.


Drive completion rates to new heights with sky-high engagement levels.

About Level Up

We offer gamification products and services to increase engagement, retention, and completion rates of training programs and courses.

Gamification holds the key to delivering effective corporate trainings

At Level Up, we know that gamification delivers results. With roughly a decade of experience in gamification design and wide-ranging EdTech expertise, we are at the forefront of gamification products for corporate learning.

In companies that use gamification, over 90% of employees reported higher productivity levels and gamifying trainings increases skill retention by 40%. Completion rates of courses that use gamification are up to 10 times higher than those without gamification.

Level Up's products and services help you train and retain talent.


We are the number one gamification plugin on Moodle.


More than 11 million learners use our products.


Our products are installed on more than 24,000 websites globally.

Trusted by

Pädagogische Landesinstitut Rheinland-Pfalz
Poodll Net
And many more businesses, government agencies, schools and universities around the world.

Our Products

Gamification plugin for Moodle

Level Up XP

Deliver successful trainings using proven gamification techniques and strategies.

Gamification plugin for Moodle

Level Up Quest

Increase motivation and completion rate through microwork, guidance, and rewards.

Gamification Course

Level Up Learn

Not sure how to use gamification effectively?

Quickly learn how to implement gamification techniques in your programs. Our course will teach you gamification design through practical guides and examples.

Become a gamification expert.

Our Values

We are passionate innovators who thrive through quality and honesty. With us, you are in good hands!

We take great pride in delivering the best products.
We value an open feedback culture and listen and respond to all our customers.
We constantly refine and further develop our products to empower you and your employees.
If we think our products are not a fit for you, we will tell you.

Not sure what you need?

We'll help you find a gamification solution that's perfect for you.

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